The Bluetooth Padlock that is designed to provide insights on your assets

Bluetooth Padlock


Padlocks just became smarter and sexier

A product by Transformesh Pte. Ltd.

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Smart Padlock

Hassle Free Access

Forget about your keys. Now you can access your assets anytime, anywhere without having to carry a bunch of keys. With your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone, you can manage your assets with ease and style. The History function allows you to monitor who has unlocked the Bluetooth padlock. Unlock your InsightLock with your smartphone or our proprietary Rhythm code technology.

Share your key remotely and smartly

InsightLock allows instant sharing of keys to anyone that matters to you! Now your can share your bike with your room mates, your locker with your buddy or your padlock access to your staff without having to be physically around. No more passing around keys. Insight App allows you to restrict the time period during which the virtual keys should be active.

Insight as bicycle lock

GPS Location of Lock/Unlock Event

Insightlock App and platform provides you with the GPS position where the padlock was opened or locked, providing complete visibility on the whereabouts of your assets.


Tap your favourite rhythm to unlock

What happens if your smartphone battery is dead? Password combinations are difficult to remember and fingerprint readers can be damaged. Everyone has a favourite song. Simply tap the rhythm to a song on the InsightLock for unlocking, it’s that magical! The sophisticated Rhythm Code algorithm converts your beats into musical notes, with superior noise filtration. Have fun unlocking your padlock.

Rhythm Code

InsightLock Charging

More power. More functions.

InsightLock  functions with CR2 battery. A battery bank can also be used to jump start your InsightLock in an unlikely event  that the battery is completed drained. Users will receive alerts well in advance when the battery level is low.

Designer padlock built for versatility

InsightLock is designed with your needs as our number 1 priority. We believe the size of the lock is optimised for a variety of applications ranging from apartment security, bicycles, lockers, containers, trucks, etc. Crafted with unique curved surface for a sexier feel, InsightLock redefines the look of padlocks.

Insight Dimensions

Fight theft with the real-time break-in alerts

InsightLock is the first Bluetooth padlock to provide real-time alerts when someone is tampering with your lock. The built-in 3D accelerometer will detect any movement or impacts on the lock and feedback SMS alerts to you in real-time. InsightLock is the first smart Bluetooth padlock to be integrated with a WIFI module or a NB-IOT module, opening up a vast range of applications, including B2B use cases.


Indoor Mode

Indoor Mode: Break-In Alerts through WIFI

Pair your Bluetooth padlock with a WIFI network to receive alerts whenever someone tampers with or breaks open the lock. Suitable for:

  • Locking assets in your office, school, shop, house,etc.
  • Locking anywhere within a WIFI network range you are authorised to use.



Insight NB-IOT

Outdoor Mode: Break-In Alerts through NB-IOT

InsightLock will send break-in alerts to your smartphone via the NB-IOT network. Suitable for:

  • Locking assets outdoors such as bicycles, recreational equipment, etc.
  • Locking assets and buildings in remote areas.
  • Portable alarm system for valuable assets.
  • Remote unlocking without requiring a mobile app.


Stealth Mode Insight

Stealth mode to detect intrusion

InsightLock does not need to be used as a lock to provide you intrusion alerts. You can simply place the lock in a drawer that you wish to protect, and any movements detected by the accelerometer will trigger an alert to be sent to you. One device, multiple functions!

Feature Summary

Bluetooth Access

Bluetooth Access for unlocking


Remote Sharing of Virtual Keys


Rhythm Code for unlocking


Long Battery Life (3 years)


Water Resistant


History Functions


Break-In Alerts

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode for Intrusion Alerts

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